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Mentioning: Rachel Berry,Mr.Shue, Noah Puckerman, Chris Murray

When:  July 26 ,2014

Where: Chris’ and Brittany’s condo

General Notes Sam and Mercedes comes over to spend time with Brittany, just like old times. Nothing but fluffy

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Having Some Girl Time || Brittlana|| Trigger warning: Rape

Santana: winked at Marley "Thanks babe" she said covering her mouth as Brittany and Marley continue to flirt "yeah.. and you two aren't flirting at all" she stated. Santana looked up at the ceiling as Brittany spoke, glancing down to see her best friends eyes. She could tell that Brittany seriously believed Alyssa when she said she was raped and she hated to say it but Brittany had a point. If this was Alyssa's way of getting out of cheating, she would be here crying wolf, and enjoying the attention that she would get."that's true.. I guess... but I still don't trust her Britt...I'm sorry..But I don't" she said honestly "What?! Why the hell did her dumb ass just go to the damn cops, so that way they could actually protected Marley.... now that she has run away... she has only put Marley in more harm.."
Marley: raised an eyebrow when Brittany mentioned that sleeping with a girl was on her bucket list and giggled. "Britt, I wasnt asking if you wanted to sleep with a girl, but good to know that its on your bucket list." She sent her a wink towards the blonde before hearing Santana's comment."You're welcome." She replied with a smile. She looked before rubbing the back of her neck and let out a sigh as she listened to Brittany. She made eye contact with the blonde and then to her other friend. "But I have you guys to protect me if Levi does decide to come after me and besides how do we even know if he's still in town."
Brittany: shook her head ignoring Santana's sacrasm, smirking at Marley's wink. Brittany sigh, shrugging at Santana question "You don't have to trust her Santana.. honestly its hard for me to trust her half the time.. but I don't think she is lying about this." she said softly glancing at Marley "Yeah that's true.. you have all of us and we can make sure Levi doesn't come after you.. But.... " she trailed off.. "I"m worried about Alyssa... she probably feels like she is dealing with this on her own.... she needs someone to reach out to her.. and I still think Chris would be the best person... to do that.. but... so are you.." she whispered
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Having Some Girl Time || Brittlana|| Trigger warning: Rape

Santana: chuckled at Brittany's groaning "Yeah I know you do" she smiled as Brittany kissed her cheek "I love you too Britt Britt" she said look between Marley and Brittany "um.. do you guys need a room or something because...." She giggled clearing her throat nodding her head at Brittany "Sureeeeeee" she said giving Brittany a wink. She sighed heavily rolling her eyes as Brittany spoke "Look I know I'm not perfect either bu-' she tried to say before Brittany's out burst. Santana eyes widen in shock when Brittany told her that Alyssa was raped. She stood there thinking about it for a second, she didn't trust Alyssa what so ever "Look.. Is that what Alyssa told you?! Because is she did that was bullshit! She is obviously lying Brittany... She got caught fucking... so she was so scream rape.." she shrugged looking at Marley "Marls.. don't tell me you actually believe this... if she got raped how come she didn't go to the police or to her damn brother..."
Marley: laughed at Brittany's comment before nodded in agreement. "I agree, I still love you and your Mexican third eye." She said before looking over at Britt. "Oooo so you have tested out the waters before." She replied with a smile before shaking her head at Santana. "No, no we dont need a room." She said, before feeling her eyes go wide and then she swallowed thickly as she listened to Brittany. "S-save me from what!?" She asked, glancing up at Santana and then back at Brittany. "I-I dont know for sure...." She said softly.
Brittany: giggled "Well it really depends what do you mean in tears of test the waters... are you asking if I have slept with a girl before.. then no.. if you are asking do i want to?! ummm that is something that is on my bucket list.." she confessed. She crossed her arms, shaking her head at Santana, she knew and understood why Santana didn't like Alyssa. But she was wishing Santana would push her hate for Alyssa aside for one second before judging "Look... How do you know if she wasn't raped or not Santana.. you weren't there.. I wasn't there.. So Neither one of us can sit her and call her a liar.. But look I know Alyssa... if this was her way of lying she wouldn't have ran off.. she would have stayed here and soaked up all of the attention... " she pointed "I mean think about Santana..I honest to god don't think she would lie about something like this.. and neither does Mercedes.." she sighed turning to face her friend "She told Mercedes... that Levi told her if she said anything... or went to the cops.. he would do the same to you.." she whispered "and well Mercedes told Alyssa that she was going to say something and Alyssa panicked... she doesn't want anyone to know.. if she knew that I knew and now that you two know... she would freak out"
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I don't even have commentary for this one I'm just so damn happy they having some girl time.. Adorable chipmunks :)
- niazha16

OOC: lol lol yeah its been a while since they have hung out like this and honestly they truly needed, the only person that is missing from the equation is Mercedes cute self. lol

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Having Some Girl Time || Brittlana|| Trigger warning: Rape

Santana: chuckled "Well it's true... Mercedes Jones wouldn't be caught dead in a cheerio uniforms.. because it involves wearing skirts" she joked nodding her head "Well of course you know I have a Mexican third eye when it comes to catching people in the act.." she shrugged. Santana playfully rolled her eyes, hating that Brittany was so nice all the time "Yeah i know.. but it doesn't mean I can't tell them how stupid they are acting" she retorted raising an eyebrow at Brittany and Marley "Are you two flirtingggggg" she asked in disbelieve. She shaking her head as she wrapped her arm around Marley "Shhh it's okay... you can't blame your self for Alyssa's stupidity.. you are better off without her..." she said honestly glaring at Brittany "Wait.. What?! I'm sorry.. did you just say.. take it easy on Alyssa" she said standing up to cross her arms. "I'm sorry Brittany.. but this is the same girl that not only broke up your relationship with Puck the first damn time, but she sat there and made your life a living hell when she found out you were pregnant! and on top of that she was fucking another guy when Marley walked in on it.. So excuse the hell out of my if I don't have any sympathy for her.." She shrugged "As far as I am concern she can stay in Paris.... as long as she stays away from Marley and the rest of us. And since when have you been Team Alyssa!?"
Marley: laughed and shook her head. "Her words would be, 'Oh Hell to the no.' And then probably sassy Sue and coach Roz." Marley looked at Santana, furrowed her eyebrows slightly. "Oh?" She questioned. "Remind me to never get on your bad side." She smiled. She felt a smirk grew on her face at Britt's flirting back and kept the blonde's eye contact. "Have you kissed a girl before that night back at the sleepover?" She questioned while swinging her leg side to side. She smiled sadly and felt Brittany rubbed her back. "Thanks." She said softly and felt Santana's arms wrapped around her. She glanced between San and Britt. "Guys, please not now."
Brittany: giggled "you have a Mexican third eye.. right okay.. well as long as you can keep Cassie in line I will believe anything."she said playfully rolling her eyes "Ugh Santanaaaaa you are impossible" she sassed leaning over to kiss her cheek "But i still love you thought" She chuckled running her fingers through her blonde hair, smiling at Marley "um no it wasn't my first time.. I kissed at least two girls. once one I was ten and the second when I was thirteen." blushing a little under Marley's stare looking up at Santana "oh no.. we were just talking Tan.. that's all..." she said quickly groaning as Santana started to go on a rant about Alyssa "I know what she did to me Santana.. and I'm sorry but you weren't exactly supportive when you found out I was pregnant either..." she tried to reason glaring at her friend "I am not Team Alyssa okay!" she spat hearing Santana lecturing her over and over again until Brittany had enough "SANTANA SHE WAS RAPED!.." she said loudly ignoring the other cheerios stare at them, closing her eyes as she let the secret out. She turned around to face Marley's shocked face "She was raped.....Marley... when you walked in on her..... she was being her teacher.. Levi" she whispered softly glancing over at Santana before she looked at Marley "that's why she left wasn't because of you.. she is trying to run away from what happened...She was trying to save you..."
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Having Some Girl Time || Brittlana

Santana: laughed loudly when Marley joined in, quickly squealing that Brittany said she would think about it "Yayyyy. I really hope you do.. you would be a big asset to the squad." She said smiling at Marley "Exactly What Rose just said..." she said laughing even louder "Mercedes?! A cheerio?! I think she would rather poor bleach in her eyes.. in fact I think that is what she would tell you. If you ask her.." she chuckled Staring at Cassie "Look.. lets just say.. that after Marley fell.. I learned who Cassie truly is... and um... There is just something inside of me that tells me that she is up to something.. she is always asking me about Sam and asking about Mercedes... yesterday she called and asked me who was the closest person to Mercedes... so if that doesn't raise a red flag then what does..." she said licking her lips. "I just need to keep an eye on her and what better way to do that then to have her here.." she shrugged turning serious when Brittany mentioned Rachel "Ugh every time I think about see that little smirk of hers as she walked down the damn hallway that day I just wanna ring her fucking neck and Noah's too.." she sighed "Okay.. fine.. " she huffed out "I just can't believe this... you love Puck and he broke your heart AGAIN.. and you" she said looking over at Marley "You loved Alyssa and the bitch left.. like really who does.. that?!" she stated honestly "Speaking of Alyssa.. you never told me why the fuck her punk ass left anyways.. Was she scared that Charice is gonna kick that ass again?!"
Marley: giggled and hugged Brittany. "Thank you, thank you." She squealed and then let her go. Marley looked back at Cassie, before nodding. "Exactly, that way you can watch her every move." Marley felt her eyebrows raised. "Wait, she was smirking!? Who in the hell does that, oh right. Rachel." She let out a sigh, before redoing her hair. "If you want Britt, you could test the waters and swore off men." She teased with a smile and wiggling her eyebrows. "Im just teasing you." She sighed once more and shook her head. "Drea took her to Paris before she goes to New York for college, and she'll be back in the states in September. I wanted to rip the Ivs out of my hands and go with her, but I didnt fight hard enough." She wiped her eyes on her shirt. "I haven't tried to reach her either and told her that Im out..." She mumbled, picking at her shirt.
Brittany: playfully rolled her eyes returning the hug "Your welcome" she smiled, letting out a laughing her ass off at Santana comment about Mercedes joining the cheerios" I can actually hear her saying that and watch her give you the best side eye ever" she giggled. Brittany squinted her eyes at Cassie, she never really trusted her in the firs place but now that Santana was telling her all of these things about her, she really didn't trust her "Well if anyone can stop her for doing anything shady is you Tan.." Brittany patted Santana's leg "I know.. but you can't get mad every time someone does what you don't like Tan... you just gotta let them be them.. and if or when he realizes that he made a mistake you be there for him.." she shrugged nodding he head at Marley "Yeah.. she was.." she sighed licking her lips softly, trying her best not to smile at Marley's comment about swearing off girl "Well.. I mean I wouldn't mind trying the other side.. so to speak" she flirted back realizing what she just said "I-I mean... um yeah swearing off men.." she said quickly. Brittany bit her bottom lip hearing Santana talk about Alyssa, her mind went to the conversation that she had with Mercedes about Alyssa being raped. She knew that Marley should know, especially since her life could be in danger as well.. but she just didn't know how to say it. She sadly frown as she watch Marley's tears run down her face "I'm sorry... Marley.." she whispered rubbing her back. "Tan.. maybe you should take it easy on Alyssa..." she said softly
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Having Some Girl Time || Brittlana

Santana: sighed "Look I get it.. you don't want to put all of the load on Chris.. but cheerleading wouldn't be that bad.. i just really think you should at least think about ti some more... pleaseeeee" she begged placing her head on Brittany's shoulder "Pretty pleaseeee" she said giving Brittany a pouty face. She sighed shaking her head "I know... but I can't kick her off.. at least not yet... I feel that she is up to something and the only way I can keep an eye on her.." she confessed thinking about all the times Cassie would ask her about not only Sam but Mercedes too. Santana licked her lips and nodded "you're right... I just hated how all that shit went down. It was complete fucking up.."
Marley: "Yes please?" She said, copying Santana's moved and blinked her eyes. She leaned kind of forward to look at Cassie and then back at Santana. "Well its Cassie after all..." She murmured before rubbing Brittany's back some for her. "Exactly, besides you dont need his loving while you have your girls. All we need is Mercedes and we would have a girls day with no drama for once." She said softly and lying her head onto Britt's shoulder. "I agree and I wasn't even there."
Brittany: tried to hide her smile shaking her head "you girls are impossible.. I am perfectly writing dance moves... " she tried to reason only to have them beg her even more. "Okay.. okay.. fine.. I will think about it.." she chuckled frowning at Santana "What do you mean she you think she is up to something?" she asked glancing over at Cassie. Brittany sighed shaking her head "I know.. I know..But Puck made up his mind... he is with Rachel.. and we all need to except that... okay?!" she said looking between her friends. "Besides.. its not the first time I got my heart broken and it probably won't be the last.."
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Having Some Girl Time || Brittlana

Santana: fixed her hair, rubbing her hands down her cheerio uniform to make sure that it was straight, she was having a busy day today, from meeting up with Mercedes about what directions they want the glee club to go in, to now cheerio practice. Even though this was a lot of work load she was just happy to be busy and doing things that she actually loved to do for a change. She smiled walking into the gym to see Brittany and Marley sitting on the bleachers, looking over to see the girls practicing. She heard Brittany turn down trying out for cheerios and frowned "Hey.. why not.. it would be cool to have you.. you would be the Milf cheerio.." she teased sitting down beside her friends "I Have Cassie here.. because she is good at what she does" she sighed watching Cassie stumble.."Well she was.." he chuckled "She has been slipping a lot lately.." she shrugged looking at Brittany "How are you doing babe?"
Marley: gave Brittany a soft smile and nodded. "Yeah, besides it would be awesome to see you more." She shrugged. "Well, you could always figure out a schedule? Besides I know for sure that you would be awesome at it." She glanced over at Cassie before looking over at her. "Just a little fine tuning and it would be good." She turned her head at Santana's voice and then back at Brittany. "Besides, if all of three of us on the squad. Then we can car pool more." She said, glancing over at Brittany once more.
Brittany: giggled softly at both of her friends "I don't know guys.. when Ari gets here.. everything gonna be different.. I'm not gonna be able to go to parties like I want to or.. do certain activities that i did before.. sure I will still have glee.. and of course Chris and I have worked it out where I can still do it.. but I can't jump into cheerleading... it takes a lot of work and I can't put all of the weight on Chris and that's exactly what I would be doing if I joined the cheerios" she shrugged glancing over at Santana "Santana she has been working on the same step for thirty minutes... " she pointed out giving Santana a small smile "I'm okay... I cried my ass for two days straight.. But I'm okay.. I can't worry about Puck and his decisions anymore... " she sighed.
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Having Some Girl Time || Brittlana

Marley: was glad to be back cheerleading, of course she had to take it easy but at least she was back at it. She was in the gym, practicing the moves when she saw Brittany writing down new moves. She watched the blonde, who was doing the moves and was pretty good at them. "Hey Britt!" She called out, lightly jogging up to her with a smile. "Hey, so I have a question. Are you going to join the squad after you have Ari? Because I love those moves that you just did."
Brittany: had been feeling a little bit better about everything that had happened between her and Puck, thanks to Sam and Mercedes. So When Santana asked her to come to practice to help do more dance moves, of course she jumped at the chance. She wrote some on a notebook paper, standing up to do them to see if she needed to add more sharpness to the steps. She didn't do to much she just did it enough that it wouldn't be to hard on her."Ugh that definitively needs to be a little sharper" she moaned as she sat down on the bleachers, grabbing her pen and note book. She looked up at Marley and smiled "umm.. me... a cheerio?!" she giggled shaking her head "no.. I don't think being a cheerleader is my thing... and besides.. I don't think I will have time with Ari and all.." she said trying not to blush "Aww thank you.. It needs a little work... though" she shrugged looking over at Cassie, scoffing when she kept messing up on her moves "Why does Tan still have her here?! She is terrible..'
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I feel bad for baby girl.,,, she don't need this stress and the fact that she's still in love with Puck and he said that... Why I get the feeling baby daddy about to get involved.. Either way Puck needs his ass whopped.. Puckleberry or as I say dumbasses hide
- niazha16

OOC: Yeah she is really going through a hard time right now and Puck saying what he said really made her feel shitty. lol um because this is Chris we are talking about, so you will never know. lol lol he does, but I’m just hopping that he sees that Rachel isn’t the girl for him. 

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